Matemáticas y realidad.

Últimamente está  resurgiendo el debate sobre la relación de las matemáticas con la realidad, tema complejo donde los haya. Un último ejemplo, el debate organizado en el marco de la Fundación Kavli en el que han participado neuropsicólogos y físicos, que por lo visto no están de acuerdo sobre esto (visto en el Boletín de noticias de Madri+d).

Four scientists debate ideas on whether math is an inherent part of our reality, or merely something our brains use to cope with and explain our environment.

THE RECENT DISCOVERY OF THE HIGGS BOSON PARTICLE, which was predicted by mathematical formulas, shows the power of math to describe and predict the world around us–from the helical structure of DNA and the spirals of galaxies, to how rapidly epidemics spread and our universe is expanding. But is that because everything in our world is inherently mathematical and follows precise rules? Or do we tend to see mathematical patterns everywhere because of the way our brains embroider an orderly overlay over what we experience?

The origins of math has become a hot topic of debate as neuroscientists continue to uncover mathematical abilities we seem to be born with, and have pinpointed regions in the brain responsible for mathematical thinking. Other scientists are finding that certain math capabilities vary by culture and depend on how we interact with the world. Both types of findings suggest math is a human construct rather than a phenomenon that determines how the cosmos is constructed.

 ¡¡ Que sorpresa !! ¡¡ Hablan del Higgs !! Lo dicho, hasta en la  sopa…:-)


publico en breve una entrada más en profundidad sobre metamatematicas; es un ensayo que escribí hace años sobre el tema para mi  mismo (ya que en ese momento no tenía blog) y tengo que revisarlo para ver si es publicable.


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