Sector Público. Sobre las ventajas y desventajas de la negociación colectiva.

Hace unas entradas nos preguntábamos sobre la diferencia entre el proceso de negociación colectiva en el sector público y en el sector privado. Un paper relevante para este asunto.

Título. Collective versus Decentralized Wage Bargaining and the Efficient Allocation of Resources


An advantage of collective wage agreement is that search and business-stealing externalities can be internalized. A disadvantage is that it takes more time before an optimal allocation is reached because more productive rms (for a particular worker type) can no longer signal this by posting higher wages. Speci cally, we consider a search model with two sided heterogeneity and on-the-job search. We compare the most favorable case of a collective wage agreement (i.e. the wage that a planner would choose under the constraint that all rms in a sector-occupation cell must o er the same wage) with the case without collective wage agreement. We  nd that collective wage agreements are never desirable if rms can commit ex ante to a wage and only desirable if rms cannot commit and the relative eciency of on the job search to o - the job search is less than 20%. This result is hardly sensitive to the bargaining power of workers. Empirically we nd both for the Netherlands and the US that this value is closer to 50%.

Visto en EL.


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