Desarrollo. Sobre el uso de los modelos DGSE.

Cómo  muestra de que el cálculo económico y el cálculo de la física no son necesariamente incompatibles, el autor de un blog que no conocía y en el que se ha publicado recientemente una muy interesante entrada sobre el uso de los modelos macroeconómicos DGSE.

Al final de la entrada se pregunta:

So are we wasting our time making all these DSGE models, or not?
Y se contesta:
My answer is: I’m not sure. So far, we don’t seem to have gotten a heck of a lot of a return from the massive amount of intellectual capital that we have invested in making, exploring, and applying these models. In principle, though, there’s no reason why they can’t be useful. They have flaws, but not any clear “fatal flaw”. They’re not the only game in town, and realization of that fact seems to be slowly spreading, though cultural momentum may mean that the more recently invented alternatives (ABM) will take decades to catch up in popularity, if they ever do.

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