El Ranking TOP 500 Hispanic Businesses.

En otra entrada presentábamos el ranking de mayores empresas de Latam, elaborado por la revista América Economía.

Hoy por casualidad he aterrizado en este otro ranking sobre empresas de EEUU creadas y gestionadas por lo que allí llaman hispanics (desconozco muy bien el criterio para clasificar a alguien en esta categoría).

El Ranking se llama 500 Hispanic business y puedes verlo aquí. Hmmm, no veo por ejemplo a Goya Foods que entiendo debería de estar clasificado cómo negocio hispano.

Otro día analizaremos con más detalle el Ranking, que edita la empresa Hispanic Business Inc:

HispanicBusiness Inc. is a media company based in Santa Barbara, Calif. The firm was founded by Jesús Chavarría in 1979 as a magazine to publish business and career news stories oriented toward Hispanic professionals and entrepreneurs.

The company switched to an exclusively online publishing platform in May 2012. HispanicBusiness operates two websites, HispanicBusiness.com and HireDiversity.com, and a research division called HispanTelligence.

HispanicBusiness.com focuses on growth developments in the U.S. Hispanic market, economic trends, diversity and philanthropy, supply-chain development, best business practices, and career development opportunities. The company delivers research-driven content to the nation’s top policymakers and powerbrokers.

HireDiversity.com is a full-service e-recruitment solutions provider, offering job seekers and corporate recruiters the ability to search for and post jobs and resumes. Its primary goal is to enhance and support corporate diversity hiring initiatives.

HispanicBusiness’ branded content includes the HispanicBusiness 500, the HispanicBusiness Influentials and the HispanicBusiness Fastest-Growing 100. The company also publishes directories of top Hispanic corporate officers and the country’s best graduate programs for Hispanics.


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